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Most Read Application Security Blog Posts in 2018

Friday, December 28, 2018 By Read Time: 1 min.

Data breaches, malware and ransomware, GDPR compliance, DevSecOps and OWASP Top 10 are among the hottest topics of 2018.

Most Read Application Security Blog Posts in 2018

Before 2019 new year, we decided to compile a brief list of the most read application security blogs we posted in 2018:

  1. Top 10 Application Security Data Breaches of 2018
    The most disastrous web and mobile application security data breaches and security incidents of 2018 (so far).

  2. HTTP Security Headers - How to improve your web application overall security with just a few steps
    HTTP Security Headers were created to protect applications from frequent and common attacks without the need to add or change the code of your applications.

  3. What Application Developers Should Know About Secure Coding and Proactive Security? OWASP Top 10 Proactive Controls - Part 1
    How to effectively teach your developers about Secure Coding? Find more about it below.

  4. Abandoned Web Applications: Achilles' Heel of FT 500 Companies
    Abandoned, shadow and legacy applications undermine cybersecurity and compliance of the largest global companies despite growing security spending.

  5. OWASP Top 10: Broken Access Control, the risks and solutions
    Broken Access Control is #5 in the current OWASP Top Ten Most Critical Web Application Security Risks. It should be viewed in conjunction with Broken Authentication, currently the #2 risk.

  6. Thousands of Government Websites Hacked to Mine Cryptocurrencies
    Hackers have exploited a vulnerable plugin across thousands of high level domains to mine Monero cryptocurrency

  7. Under Armour Admits 150 million MyFitnessPal Account Data Breach
    Significant volume of account data leaked, although passwords were hashed...

  8. How to Protect Your Web Applications From XXE Attacks
    XML External Entities (XXE) Attacks are now the 4th greatest risk to web applications as per OWAPS Top 10.

  9. Malware attacks rocket, while SSL holds traffic keys
    Growth in SSL having considerable impact on attacker strategies, as malware charts considerable rise.

  10. Security Misconfiguration, a conscious element of OWASP Top 10, the risks and solutions
    Security Misconfiguration is #6 in the current OWASP Top Ten Most Critical Web Application Security Risks. Misconfiguration can include both errors in the installation of security, and the complete failure to install available security controls.

Please write in comments about which topics you would like to read about in 2019!

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