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Dark Web Exposure and Phishing Detection Test

  • Dark Web Exposure Monitoring
  • Domain Squatting Monitoring
  • Phishing Detection and Monitoring
  • Trademark Infringement Monitoring
Free online tool to test your Dark Web exposure
51,054,436domains searched on the Dark Web

Command Line Toolkit

Simple CLI interface to leverage ImmuniWeb® Community Edition free tools in CI/CD pipelines and DevOps.


Download utilities from GitHub or use git:

git clone "" && cd iwtools/iwtools

Install third-party python libraries:

  • termcolor
  • colorama
  • requests


Monitor and detect your Dark Web exposure, phishing and domain squatting:

Start a new test or get the results from cache:
./ darkweb ""
Force to use a specific IP address of the test's target:
./ darkweb --ip ""
Get raw API response in JSON format:
./ darkweb --format raw_json ""
Force to refresh the test using an API key
./ darkweb --api-key ABCDE-12345-FGHIJ-67890 --refresh ""

Check other command line options here.