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Webinar: Transform Penetration Testing Costs into an Investment

Join our invitation-only webinar “Transform Penetration Testing Costs into an Investment”.

By attending you will earn CPE credits and learn how to:

  • Minimize data breaches and avoid compliance penalties for incomplete testing
  • Prevent redundant and excessive penetration testing that merely wastes your budget
  • Prioritize penetration testing in a risk-based and threat-aware manner

The webinar covers a major update for the ImmuniWeb® AI Platform, which now intelligently automates the scope and schedule of penetration testing.

Please do confirm which of these three slots you prefer, and send us a list of attendees from your side:

  • October 29, 9am or 3pm CET
  • November 2, 11am CET

We will make sure they will get a calendar invitation to the webinar.

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