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High-Tech Bridge launches free web server security testing service

April 12, 2016

The free online service will enable anyone to test a web server and its configuration for security and reliability based on cybersecurity industry best-practices.

High-Tech Bridge, an award-winning web security company, is pleased to add to its portfolio of free web security services a webserver security test.

The new service performs the following security checks:

  • HTTP headers presence, validity and secure configuration
  • HTTP methods allowed by the web server
  • Web server version and other software-related tests

Unlike other services, High-Tech Bridge’s web server security test performs more sophisticated security testing. For example, HTTP headers will not just be tested for syntax errors but also for secure and reliable configuration in a comprehensive way, taking into consideration other elements of server configuration. The new service is also integrated into High-Tech Bridge’s free SSL security service.

Ilia Kolochenko, High-Tech Bridge’s CEO and ImmuniWeb® Chief Architect, says: “People and companies start realizing that one of the biggest cybersecurity threats is coming from insecure web applications and vulnerable websites. Many web security products and services exists today, however a lot of people still underestimate the importance of proper and secure web server configuration that can considerably reduce the number of attacks (and their vectors) against web applications and their users.

The new service will help website owners and system administrators from all over the world to improve their web server security at no cost. The new services will perfectly complement our SSL security service, as well as several new services that are currently being developed and will be launched shortly. Stay tuned!

At Black Hat Europe 2015, High-Tech Bridge launched a free online service to test SSL/TLS encryption for security, reliability and compliance with PCI DSS requirements and NIST guidelines. In the first six months, the service was used to test over 300,000 web, email and SSL VPN servers all over the world. Current state of affairs of global SSL/TLS encryption in real time can be also found at live world map.

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