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High-Tech Bridge announces capital increase and adapted expansion strategy for 2012

February 7, 2012

High-Tech Bridge increases its nominal share-capital to CHF 3M and announces its development strategy for 2012.

High-Tech Bridge, a leading provider of information security services headquartered in Geneva, increases its nominal share-capital to CHF 3M (approximately USD 3.3M), and announces its development strategy for 2012. High-Tech Bridge remains a privately held company funded by Swiss investors; however the recent change in capital will also permit to distribute a minority stake of shares among the key employees and management of the company.

Moreover, High-Tech Bridge will extend its range of security services to Small and Medium Businesses during 2012. Mr. Ilia Kolochenko, CEO, says “We have revised and adapted our development and expansion strategy for the new market conditions. Economical situation is not in the best shape today, therefore we have to be more competitive and flexible, as well as to consider the needs of SMBs. This is why investing into R&D remains one of our first priorities in order to be able to deliver high-quality information security services, and to differentiate among the competitors. In the first quarter of 2012 we will invest half a million CHF in our proprietary R&D department, headed by Marsel Nizamutdinov, appointed to this position at the end of 2011.”

Mr. Frederic Bourla, Head of Ethical Hacking and Computer Forensics, says “In the near future, we are going to announce the launch of an innovative information security service, fully-adapted to present needs of Swiss and European markets. The IT infrastructure is almost ready and trademarks are registered; we are currently in the phase of beta-testing before the public announcement and official launch.”

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