Dark Web Exposure and Phishing Detection Test

  • Dark Web Exposure Monitoring
  • Domain Squatting Monitoring
  • Phishing Detection and Monitoring
  • Trademark Infringement Monitoring
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Dark Web Exposure Test for CI/CD

Dark Web Exposure Test can be seamlessly integrated into your CI/CD pipeline to automatically test your domain’s Dark Web Exposure. You can use a Docker image or a Python script as described below.

Installing Python Script

Create virtual environment and install dependencies. Python >= 3.7 required.

git clone "https://github.com/immuniweb/iwtools.git" && cd iwtools/iwtools

python3 -m venv env

source ./env/bin/activate

pip install -r requirements.txt


Monitor and detect your Dark Web exposure, phishing and domain squatting:

Start a new test or get the results from cache:
./iwtools.py darkweb "example.com"
Get raw API response in JSON format:
./iwtools.py darkweb --format raw_json "example.com"
Force to refresh the test using an API key
./iwtools.py darkweb --api-key ABCDE-12345-FGHIJ-67890 --refresh "example.com"
Start a new test or get the results from cache using Docker:
docker run immuniweb/iwtools darkweb example.com

Check other command line options here.