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Cloud Security Test

  • Detect Unprotected Cloud Storage
  • Discover Shadow Cloud Accounts
  • Detect IAM Misconfigurations
  • Prevent Data Leaks and Breaches
Free online tool to test your cloud security
216,993 security tests performed

Latest Tested Domains

napishem.ruless than a minute ago100
narcology.moscow1 minute ago1184
livejournal.com2 minutes ago500
nalogi.ru2 minutes ago211,000
nariman.ru3 minutes ago100
nacion.ru7 minutes ago52135
nadavi.ru7 minutes ago100
mythx.io8 minutes ago3170
mywishboard.com8 minutes ago100
mywordpress.ru9 minutes ago2121,000
myoversite.ru11 minutes ago111,000
myrecipe.ge12 minutes ago132483
myparcels.ru12 minutes ago100
myshiptracking.com12 minutes ago500
myspar.ru12 minutes ago110
mysitem.ru12 minutes ago200
myresume.ru12 minutes ago1413
myhome.ru14 minutes ago67113,335
mycomp.su16 minutes ago1862,055
myaspect.ru17 minutes ago100