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ImmuniWeb® Neuron

ImmuniWeb® Neuron unleashes the power of Machine Learning and AI to take traditional web vulnerability
scanning to the next level. While detecting more vulnerabilities compared to automated web scanners,
every web vulnerability scan by Neuron is equipped with a contractual zero false positives SLA.

AI-Powered Web Security Scanning

Zero False Positives SLA

Zero False Positives SLA

Money-Back Guarantee for
a single false-positive

AI-Driven Testing

AI-Driven Testing

Deep Learning engine detects
sophisticated vulnerabilities

Expert Assistance

Expert Assistance

Our security analysts are here to
help and answer your questions

Unlimited Scalability

Unlimited Scalability

Simultaneous web scanning of
hundreds or thousands apps

DevSecOps Native

DevSecOps Native

Full automation of testing and
CI/CD pipeline integrations

How it works

  1. Configure and
    start scanning
  2. Get valid findings
    in real-time
  3. Fix and re-scan

More Findings. No False Positives.

CI/CD and DevSecOps Native

Web Security Scanning for Any Need

Cloud-Native Apps

Cloud-Native Apps

Test your full web stack at
AWS, Azure or GCP

Single Page Apps

Single Page Apps

Detect vulnerabilities in
SPA and Ajax apps

APIs & Web Services icon

APIs & Web Services

Find security flaws in your
microservices and APIs

Open-Source Security

Open-Source Security

Discover security risks in
open source you use

Authenticated Scans

Authenticated Scans

Manual authentication scripts,
SSO & MFA scanning

SDLC Automation

SDLC Automation

Integrate fully automated scanning
into your CI/CD pipeline

Detect Everything. Stay Compliant.

  • A1: Broken Access Control

  • A2: Cryptographic Failures

  • A3: Injection

  • A4: Insecure Design

  • A5: Security Misconfiguration

  • A6: Vulnerable and Outdated Components

  • A7: Identification and Authentication Failures

  • A8: Software and Data Integrity Failures

  • A9: Security Logging and Monitoring Failures

  • A10: Server-Side Request Forgery

  • API1: Broken Object Level Authorization

  • API2: Broken User Authentication

  • API3: Excessive Data Exposure

  • API4: Lack of Resources & Rate Limiting

  • API5: Broken Function Level Authorization

  • API6: Mass Assignment

  • API7: Security Misconfiguration

  • API8: Injection

  • API9: Improper Assets Management

  • API10: Insufficient Logging & Monitoring

Most Comprehensive Web Security Scanning

In every scan by ImmuniWeb Neuron

Web Security Scanning
  • Scan Customization
  • Authenticated Scans
  • Web Security Scanning:
    • AI-Based Fuzzing
    • OWASP Top 10 Vulnerabilities
    • OWASP API Top 10 Vulnerabilities
    • Insecure HTTP Headers
    • SSL/TLS Weaknesses
  • Known Web Vulnerabilities Scanning:
    • WordPress & 400+ Other Popular CMSs
    • 150,000+ CMS Plugins & Themes
    • 12,000+ JavaScript Libraries
    • 10,000+ Known CVE-IDs
  • Turnkey CI/CD Automation
  • Zero False Positives SLA Money back

    Contractual money-back guarantee for one single false positive.

  • Risk-Based Prioritization of Findings
  • Simple Instructions to Reproduce Findings
  • Web, PDF, JSON, XML and CSV Reports
  • Friendly Remediation Guidelines
  • Screenshots and Raw HTTP Data
  • Consolidated View of All Scans
  • CVE and CWE Mapping
  • CVSSv3.1 Scoring
  • Access to Our Security Analysts
  • Seamless DevSecOps Integration
  • RBAC Scan Management Dashboard
  • Unlimited Dashboard Users
  • Simple Scan Scheduling
  • Recurrent Scans
  • Email Alerts

ImmuniWeb® Neuron Pricing

1 Add Targets

Enter or import targets

2 Configure Scanning

Schedule and customize testing

3 Discover Vulnerabilities

Get 100% valid findings 24/7

Target Range
Annual Price per Target
10 targets
575 USD
11-25 targets
550 USD
26-50 targets
525 USD
51-100 targets
500 USD
101-200 targets
475 USD
Over 200 targets

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q
    How do you define a target?
    Each fully qualified domain name (FQDN) is a separate target. For example, a domain name and two subdomains are three separate targets.
  • Q
    Can I add or modify targets after purchase?
    You can add targets at any time, the minimum number of new targets available for purchase is ten. If a web application or API remains identical and simply changes its FQDN, you can normally change it at no additional cost by contacting support.
  • Q
    How do you calculate annual subscription price?
    The price depends only on the number of targets you have, please see the pricing table above. The minimum number of targets available for purchase is ten. For any number of targets, you will always have a full set of the above-mentioned features including access to our security analysts and contractual zero false positives SLA.
  • Q
    Can ImmuniWeb Neuron replace penetration testing?
    No, the current state of AI and Machine Learning technologies is still far from being capable to fully replace human intelligence. For penetration testing needs, we have a dedicated offering that includes expert manual testing. Of note, many laws and regulations require mandatory penetration testing that you cannot substitute with vulnerability scanning.
  • Q
    Do you support authenticated scanning?
    Yes, we support all modern types of authentication scanning for cloud-based and on-premise web applications and APIs.

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