Email Security Test

  • Email Server Security
  • Email Server Encryption
  • DNS Misconfigurations
  • Phishing Campaigns
  • Compromised Credentials
  • Blacklists & Spam Reports
Free online tool to test email server security
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ImmuniWeb Community Edition - Email Security Test

The ImmuniWeb® Community Edition is collection of free online tools provided by ImmuniWeb SA pursuant to these Terms of Service for small and medium businesses, municipal and local governments, colleges and universities, students and individual software engineers, as well as to other entities, to help them make their applications more secure, reduce their cyber risks and improve their cybersecurity posture, data protection and privacy practices.

The Email Security Test is a free online tool to check misconfigured or vulnerable email servers, primarily designed to:

  • Test email server security and compliance with best practices
  • Verify email server encryption and compliance with best practices
  • Detect various DNS misconfigurations that weaken email security
  • Find compromised credentials that may give access to email accounts
  • Spot ongoing phishing and squatting campaigns targeting your users
  • Identify presence of your email server in various black lists and spam feeds