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“ImmuniWeb disrupts traditional application security testing by delivering web and mobile application testing augmented with proprietary machine-learning technology and human testing”

“ImmuniWeb has woven
together machine learning
with its own expert testers
to confidently offer unique
zero false positive SLA”

ImmuniWeb is a Gold Winner of Cybersecurity Excellence Awards 2023 and Globee Cybersecurity Awards 2023 in 12 distinct categories

“ImmuniWeb outperformed
IBM Watson for Cybersecurity
and won in the “Best Usage
of Machine Learning and AI”

“ImmuniWeb offers true automated penetration testing where its machine speed allows it to scale, while the human penetration testers ensure complete accuracy”

JVP VC and New York City Economic Development Corporation selected ImmuniWeb to join JVP Play CyberNYC, a leading cybersecurity growth program

“ImmuniWeb, an AI pioneer and award-winning application security company, stands out among emerging cybersecurity visionaries with its consolidated approach aimed to sharply reduce complexity and costs”

ImmuniWeb’s Community Edition named a Finalist of the IAPP Privacy Innovation Award 2022

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ImmuniWeb AI Platform

Risk-Based and Threat-Aware Application Security Testing (AST)

Attack Surface
Dark Web
Cyber Threat
Advanced AST Web, Mobile, Cloud & API
Penetration Testing and Red Teaming
Standard AST Web, Mobile, Cloud &
API Vulnerability Scanning
Essential AST Software Composition Analysis
Open Source Security
Advanced Standard Essential

ImmuniWeb® AI Platform Use Cases

The award-winning ImmuniWeb® AI Platform helps over 1,000 customers from over 50 countries to test,
secure and protect their web and mobile applications, cloud and network infrastructure, to prevent
supply chain attacks and data breaches, and to comply with regulatory requirements.

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Reduce Your Costs
Up to 90% of operational
costs reduction
Accelerate Your Processes
Up to x5 faster threat detection
and remediation
Simplify Your Workflow
1 platform for 20 synergized
use cases

Trusted by 1,000+ Global Customers

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AI for Intelligent Automation and Acceleration

Task Complexity
Human Intelligence
ImmuniWeb Security Experts
AI Technology
ANN & Deep Learning
Traditional Algorithms

ImmuniWeb leverages our award-winning AI technology for intelligent automation and acceleration of laborious tasks and processes, saving as much as 90% of human time compared to traditional MSSPs.

Our security experts handle only to the most complicated tasks and processes that truly deserve human intelligence thereby offering the best quality and best price of service on the global market.

Partnerships with the Industry Leaders

Strategic Business
PwC BDO Softwareone
Technology Alliance
F5 Imperva Barracuda Fortinet Qualys
Industry and Law
International Telecommunication Union (ITU) CyberPeace Institute Global Cyber Alliance
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Top 10 Cybersecurity Predictions for 2023

Top 10 Cybersecurity Predictions for 2023
  • #1
    APIs will be the next attack vector
  • #2
    Cloud-native breaches will rise
  • #3
    Credential-stealing attacks will continue to rise
  • #4
    Open source software libraries will become the primary target
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Research: State of Cybersecurity Industry Exposure at Dark Web

State of Cybersecurity Industry Exposure at Dark Web
  • 97%
    of the companies have data leaks exposed on the Dark Web
  • 25%
    of the leaks, being 160,529 leaks, are of high or critical risk levels
  • 29%
    of the stolen passwords are weak, 161 companies reuse passwords
  • 63%
    of the companies have security or compliance issues on their websites

Research: State of Cybersecurity at Top 100 Global Airports

Research: State of Cybersecurity at Top 100 Global Airports
  • 100%
    of the mobile apps contain at least 2 vulnerabilities
  • 97%
    of the websites contain outdated web software
  • 87%
    of the airports have data leaks on public code repositories
  • 66%
    of the airports have stolen credentials sold on the DarkWeb

Research: State of Stolen Credentials in the Dark Web from Fortune 500

State of Stolen Credentials in the Dark Web from Fortune 500 Companies
  • 21M
    credentials are available in the Dark Web
  • 16M
    credentials compromised during the last year
  • 95%
    of stolen credentials are accessible in plaintext
  • 36%
    of passwords are bruteforceable in a minute

Research: State of Application Security at S&P Global World's 100 Banks

97% of the World's Largest Banks are Vulnerable to Web and Mobile Attacks
  • 85%
    of e-banking web applications failed GDPR compliance test
  • 49%
    of e-banking web applications failed PCI DSS compliance test
  • 92%
    of mobile banking applications contain at least 1 medium-risk security vulnerability
  • 100%
    of the banks have security vulnerabilities or issues related to forgotten subdomains

Research: State of Application Security at FT 500 Largest Companies

FT500 Global Companies
  • 70%
    of FT 500 can find access to some of their websites being sold on Dark Web
  • 92%
    of external web applications have exploitable security flaws or weaknesses
  • 19%
    of the companies have external unprotected cloud storage
  • 2%
    of external web applications are properly protected with a WAF
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