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Geneva Information Security Day

Geneva Information Security Day is a leading European cybersecurity conference created as a vendor-independent platform for open and actionable discussion of emerging digital threats and remedies, knowledge sharing
and building sustainable cybersecurity industry.

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Dr. Maria Bada

Senior Research Fellow at the Global Cyber Security Capacity Centre | University of Oxford | UK
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Dr. Maria Bada is a Senior Research Fellow at the Global Cyber Security Capacity Centre, University of Oxford. In this role, she focuses on research related to cybersecurity and cyberpsychology and encouraging responsible cyber culture within society. Her research interests include the human factors of cybersecurity and the assessment of national level cybersecurity capacity. Moreover, she focuses on the effectiveness of cybersecurity awareness campaigns for school learners, SMEs and the public and their impact in changing online behaviour. Moreover, her research focuses on profiling of cybercriminals, the cybercrime ecosystem and how the Internet supports criminal behaviour online as well as the ways to combat cybercrime through tools and capacity building especially for emerging economies.

She is a member of the National Risk Assessment (NRA) Behavioural Science Expert Group in the UK, working on the social and psychological impact of cyber-attacks on members of the public. Also, she is a member of the British Psychological Society and the British Counselling Society.

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