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Mobile Security Scanning

Detect OWASP Mobile Top 10 weaknesses in all your mobile apps
with ImmuniWeb® Neuron Mobile mobile security scanning

Why Investing in Mobile Security Scanning

of companies now consider
cybersecurity a critical
business risk
is the average cost of a data
breach in 2023, a 15% surge
in just three years
countries have laws imposing a
personal liability on executives
for a data breach

Mobile Security Scanning offers a vital line of defense by identifying vulnerabilities. It scans apps for weaknesses like malware, insecure configurations, and outdated software, giving yosu a clear picture of potential security risks. By addressing these vulnerabilities, you can safeguard your data from unauthorized access, prevent financial losses, and protect your privacy. This proactive approach fosters trust with users by demonstrating your commitment to their security. In essence, Mobile Security Scanning empowers you to take control of your mobile security, ensuring a safer and more secure digital environment.

Because prevention is better. Act now.

Mobile Security Scanning with ImmuniWeb® Neuron Mobile

Efficient. Simple. Cost-Effective.

Detect OWASP Mobile Top 10 weaknesses in your iOS and Android mobile apps with ImmuniWeb® Neuron Mobile security scanning. The mobile security scanning offering provides a comprehensive and rapid detection of mobile app vulnerabilities and weaknesses, offering a contractual zero false positives SLA for each mobile security scan. In addition to mobile security audit, you will get an overview of your mobile privacy, compliance and encryption issues including a comprehensive inventory of the mobile app’s backend endpoints and APIs.

Automated SAST, DAST and SCA mobile security scanning can be launched instantly after uploading your .ipa or .apk file to detect OWASP Mobile Top 10 vulnerabilities and weaknesses in a simple, fast and reliable manner. Scan results are usually available within minutes depending on the application size and complexity. On top of the mobile vulnerability scanning, we will also inspect excessive or dangerous mobile app permissions, missing or weak encryption, and suspicious external communications of the mobile app. Additionally, a broad spectrum of privacy, compliance and encryption checks will be conducted to ensure that your mobile ecosystem conforms to regulatory requirements such as GDPR.

Enhancing the value of our advanced mobile security scanning features, our security analysts and mobile security experts are available 24/7 to answer your questions about the findings or remediations. ImmuniWeb Neuron Mobile pricing model is simple and flexible, is based on the number of your mobile apps and the annual number of scans, making our pricing one of the most competitive one on the global market.

Because prevention is better. Act now.

Over 50 Awards and Industry Recognitions

Trusted by 1,000+ Global Customers

We recently utilized ImmuniWeb MobileSuite to test our mobile application and we were extremely pleased with the service. The Zero False Positive SLA provided us with the assurance that the results were precise and dependable. Furthermore, the prompt assistance and support from the technical team were invaluable. We highly endorse ImmuniWeb to any organization seeking high-quality mobile application security testing.

Ajlan Gun
Founder - Lean Scale & Certified EXO Coach, Ambassador, Trainer & Delivery Partner - OpenEXO, Lean Scale

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Why Choosing ImmuniWeb® AI Platform

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Reduce Your Costs
Reduce Your Costs
Up to 90% of operational
costs reduction
Accelerate Your Processes
Accelerate Your Processes
Up to x5 faster threat detection
and remediation
Simplify Your Workflow
Simplify Your Workflow
1 platform for 20 synergized
use cases

Mobile Security Scanning

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