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Gartner Peer Insights
quotesImmuniWeb is an efficient and very easy-to-use solution that combines automatic and human tests. The results are complete, straightforward and easy to understand. It’s an essential tool for the development of the new digital activities
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Crédit Agricole next bank (Suisse) SA

Didier Ramella

quotesWe used ImmuniWeb for some of our products and we have been highly satisfied from the provided service as valid vulnerabilities with no false positives were identified. The report ImmuniWeb delivered to us was quite clear in terms of the classifications and the description of the identified vulnerabilities, linking to the corresponding CVE and the fix recommendations. We recommend ImmuniWeb to other vendors to make their web products secure
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eBay Classifieds Group

Saeed Sedghi
Senior Security Engineer

quotesImmuniWeb is the best and simplest way to secure your business online. It's really fantastic experience to get report with zero false positive with detailed actions how to resolve problems and remove vulnerabilities. I think ImmuniWeb is definitely the best alternative to pen testers. As well as a way to save on staff and other costs. I am glad that I can get it all without any hidden costs and without complicated licensing schemes
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Nika Vachridze
Senior Information Security Officer

quotesImmuniWeb provides an easy to use interface and detailed reports that help increase our confidence in the security of our application
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Haymarket Media, Inc.

John Crewe
Chief Operations Officer

quotesImmuniWeb is straightforward, flexible and time saving. Reports are easy to read, pragmatic and help prioritizing in solving issues. A very good adding to our security toolbox, that integrates efficiently in our development process
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Swissquote Bank SA

Marc Furrer
Head of IT & Security

quotesImmuniWeb provides very good assessment about security pentest. Reports are easy to read and can be provided to developers. Efficient, easy, what else…
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University Hospitals of Geneva (HUG)

Thibaud Collin
Security Engineer

quotesFrom the start, the use of the ImmuniWeb was easy. The registration page prompts the user for all the information required for a successful assessment. The assessment was completed with no impact to the website operations. The report itself was very detailed but at the same time clearly explained the risk at “executive level” too. This would be a great assistance in taking the report to senior management. I would have no hesitation in recommending the ImmuniWeb service to other security professionals
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Barry Cook
Associate Director IT Security EMEA & APAC

quotesWe believe ImmuniWeb platform would definitely address the common weaknesses seen in manual assessments. The AI-assisted platform not only automates the assessments, but also, executes them in a continuous, consistent and reliable fashion. Admittedly, the platform would definitely add quick wins and great ROI to its customers on their investment.
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Abuhaneefa Fayaz
Information Security Officer

quotesImmuniWeb is a great innovative service that brings unbeatable ROI. It is undoubtedly the best way to quickly and easily guarantee your customers that their data is safe with you - and yours too by the way! Efficient and effective!
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Jean-Michel Beylard-Ozeroff
Head of IT

quotesWe had the opportunity to test ImmuniWeb web security testing platform and the results were accurate and correct. The support we had, was above-average, with a very fast response time. The assessment process itself is intuitive to handle
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SIX Group Services AG

Sven Rieder
Security Analyst

quotesThe security assessment was extremely useful and highlighted some minor but interesting vulnerabilities on our web site that are being addressed
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International Telecommunication Union (ITU)

Marco Obiso
Cybersecurity Coordinator

quotesImmuniWeb significantly enhanced our vulnerability assessment capacity. It's an indispensable tool for continuous auditing of web based systems
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Viktor Polic
Chief Security Officer

quotesThanks to the security audit conducted with ImmuniWeb, it was possible to assess and address the weaknesses identified. The ImmuniWeb approach is the right combination of a high level of expertise with an efficient working methodology
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Banca dello Stato del Cantone Ticino

Marco Molteni
Head of Security Service (IT and logistics)

quotesImmuniWeb provides accurate assessment on the security posture of our cloud-based applications. The report provided is concise and easy to read with sound advisories on the necessary steps to fix the issues. What impressed me most was that no false-positive was listed and the vulnerabilities are real. ImmuniWeb certainly gives us the right level of assurance that our cloud-based applications are safe and 'good-to-go' before we deploy them out to production
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SIM University

Lee Chye Seng
Director, Learning Systems and Applications

quotesImmuniWeb is easy to use and to parameterise. The test can be initiated any time which is an advantage. The reports are clear, easy to read and contain useful information on detected vulnerabilities and possible remediation
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Arab Bank (Switzerland) Ltd.

Vincent Robert
Project Management Office

quotesWe engaged ImmuniWeb to conduct an initial security assessment of one of our web applications and have been very happy with the service. It was very easy to setup and the report was quite thorough. We will do a more in depth assessment at a later date and will definitely recommend their services
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Legal Vision

Evan Tait-Styles
Chief Technical Officer

quotesImmuniWeb is an invaluable tool for iPresent with both automated and manual penetration testing. The fantastic manual testing has found even the most hidden and complicated bugs in our security and ImmuniWeb has delivered first class knowledge. The self-service interface also gives us great control to schedule and monitor tests when we need them
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Neil Bostrom
Chief Technical Officer

quotesThe Security assessment process proposed by ImmuniWeb is very efficient in time and in money. Results are already available the day after the assessment, clearly exposed and identified vulnerabilities are precisely described allowing a rapid understanding of the issue and related possible solutions
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Palexpo SA

Dario Mangano
Head of Information Systems

quotesImmuniWeb web security platform helped us to identify and remediate weak points in our IT architecture. ImmuniWeb simplicity, rapidity and assessment report accuracy exceed our initial expectations from this type of service
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AS Latvijas Pasta Banka

Denis Loshakov
IT System Administrator

quotesImmuniWeb is a simple and effective solution that shows the current security of company’s website at a reasonable price, known in advance
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GS Banque

Dimitri Beetschen
Head of Information System

quotesImmuniWeb provides a highly customisable solution that monitors our asset 24/7 and the customer support replies very quick before and after sale. The sales process is smooth and the sales team synced with their tech team seamlessly and recommend the hybrid solution instead of the most expensive solution. And eventually the price is lower than we expected.
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Kevin Zhang
Chief Technical Officer

quotesOur company is specialized in the financial and banking sectors which requires integration of reliable and powerful tools to guarantee the security of our customers' data. Immuniweb provides essential solutions for our 150 dedicated servers deployed around the world. The analysis and pentesting tools are extremely efficient and the Immuniweb team is very responsive, which makes it much easier for us to work together. We absolutely recommend the solution to all IT professionals
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Thierry Meimoun

quotesImmuniWeb Discovery is a powerful and user-friendly solution that combine different type of tests, the results are complete and easy to understand, it provides us with a detailed actions on how to resolve vulnerabilities with great control. Now we can easily get Realtime security posture view on our external environment.
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The Public Institution for Social Security

Khaled Sultan
Security Consultant

quotesdunnhumby leverages ImmuniWeb Discovery to, among other things, help identify security vulnerabilities and misconfigurations externally exposed in our environment and particularly in third-party hosted applications. ImmuniWeb Discovery is also successfully used to monitor and rapidly identify dunnhumby’s data exposed on the Dark Web, as well as to detect other types of security incidents. The high quality of findings and surprisingly low false positive rate produced by ImmuniWeb Discovery means it represents an immediate value to our Security Operations team.
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Minesh Kotadia
Security Operations Manager

quotesWe used the ImmuniWeb solution for our financial web applications' vulnerability assessment and penetration testing. The results were excellent. Pentesting took just a few days, and without false positives… is WOW. We were supported all the way through, starting with the procurement process and ending with technical analysts who helped us with every question. Another significant fact that I would like to point out is that they are very flexible, adjust to clients' convenient times, and are open to help with any question. We certainly recommend ImmuniWeb as an application security vendor.
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Nicolai Romanschi

quotesImmuniWeb Discovery has proven to be an extremely valuable tool for our business, providing valuable insights into current security posture. The AI driven automated tests find everything from potentially compromised credentials to vulnerabilities in our web facing assets and provide clear and effective remediation steps for our team.
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Damon Cowley
Head of Information Security

quotesImmuniWeb Discovery Pro's user-friendly interface and actionable reports have made the complex task of security assessment accessible to our team, saving us both time and resources. This has allowed us to focus on our core business activities with peace of mind, knowing that our digital presence is continually monitored and protected.
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Shankar Narayana Damodaran
Security Consultant

quotesImmuniWeb impresses with its intuitive user interface and a vast array of features. The detailed report provided was clear and insightful, and communication with the team was always direct and swift. With ImmuniWeb, enhancing security becomes both simplified and cost-effective for businesses.
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Netto Marken-Discount Stiftung & Co. KG

Daniel Schleicher
IT Security Officer

quotesWe recently utilized ImmuniWeb MobileSuite to test our mobile application and we were extremely pleased with the service. The Zero False Positive SLA provided us with the assurance that the results were precise and dependable. Furthermore, the prompt assistance and support from the technical team were invaluable. We highly endorse ImmuniWeb to any organization seeking high-quality mobile application security testing.
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Lean Scale

Ajlan Gun
Founder - Lean Scale & Certified EXO Coach, Ambassador, Trainer & Delivery Partner - OpenEXO
Lean Scale

quotesEspecially in our large environment, ImmuniWeb has proven to be very helpful 
in detecting and identifying security issues. Having a complete overview 
with all the necessary information about the critical problems we need to address is priceless. 

When working with large teams on different platforms, 
it is hard to get all security related information consistent and up to date in one place. ImmuniWeb is here for help. 
It gives you peace of mind by knowing that everything is monitored and protected 24/7.
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Steffen Edinger
Head of IT

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