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AI-Driven ImmuniWeb Neuron Brings Intelligent Automation to Web Security Scanning Market
June 8, 2022

ImmuniWeb® Neuron to be the first AI-automated solution for web and API security scanning with a contractual zero false positives SLA for on-premise or cloud-native apps.

ImmuniWeb Shortlisted for the SC Awards Europe 2022
May 13, 2022

ImmuniWeb® Discovery was selected for the Shortlist of nominees for the prestigious SC Awards Europe 2022 edition taking place in London in June this year.

ImmuniWeb to Join Efforts with the CyberPeace Institute to Protect NGOs
May 10, 2022

ImmuniWeb will support cyber-defense and cyber-resilience of international organizations and other NGOs within the CyberPeace Builders’ program of the CyberPeace Institute.

ImmuniWeb joins efforts with Trust Valley to help protecting Swiss SMEs
March 17, 2022

The Trust4SMEs program of Trust Valley aims to enhance cybersecurity resilience, bolster cybersecurity awareness and prevent data breaches of Lake Geneva SMEs.

ImmuniWeb Announces Sales Record in 2021 and Unveils New Platform Updates
February 17, 2022

With 70% YoY revenue growth in 2021 and 250 recurrent enterprise customers from over 50 countries, ImmuniWeb announces new Platform features and improvements.

ImmuniWeb and the UN ITU Announce a Strategic Partnership to Build Cyber Capacity
December 21, 2021

ImmuniWeb becomes a strategic cybersecurity partner of the ITU to jointly promote global cybersecurity awareness and build cyber-resilience capabilities around the globe.

December Major Update of ImmuniWeb Discovery
December 16, 2021

A palette of novel features and functionalities is now available to ImmuniWeb customers and partners before scheduled price increase for new subscriptions on January 1, 2022.

ImmuniWeb and CERT.LV Join Efforts to Fight Cybercrime
December 13, 2021

ImmuniWeb will support CERT.LV educational and cyber-defense activities to prevent financially motivated cyber-attacks, reinforce cyber-resilience and reduce losses from cybercrime in the region.

ImmuniWeb Unveils New Platform Updates for Black Friday
November 15, 2021

After the November’s webinar for our customers and partners, that gathered over 400 attendees, we are excited to introduce ImmuniWeb® AI Platform update that incorporates requests and suggestions received from the audience.

ImmuniWeb Launches a Free Cloud Security Test
September 28, 2021

Provided as a part of the ImmuniWeb® Community Edition, the online test rapidly detects unprotected cloud storage in AWS, Azure, GCP and 16 other public cloud service providers.

ImmuniWeb Named to 2021 AIFinTech100 List
September 10, 2021

ImmuniWeb is selected among 100 of the world’s most innovative AI solution providers for financial services industry that demonstrated outstanding innovation and growth.

ImmuniWeb Discovery Autumn 2021 Update
September 2, 2021

The improvements boost detection of cloud-native services in AWS, Azure, GCP and 30+ other public cloud service providers and expand Dark Web monitoring capacities.

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