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Phishing Websites Takedown

Take down malicious phishing websites from any country or TLD in a
few clicks with ImmuniWeb® Discovery Phishing Websites Takedown

Phishing Websites Takedown

Why Investing in Phishing Websites Takedown

of companies now consider
cybersecurity a critical
business risk
is the average cost of a data
breach in 2023, a 15% surge
in just three years
countries have laws imposing a
personal liability on executives
for a data breach

Phishing Websites Takedown protects brand reputation. By preventing phishing attempts that impersonate their brand, organizations safeguard their image and avoid being associated with fraudulent activities. In addition, Phishing Websites Takedown encourages responsible online behavior. The act of taking down phishing websites sends a message of vigilance against cybercrime, potentially encouraging individuals to be more cautious online.

Because prevention is better. Act now.

Phishing Websites Takedown with ImmuniWeb® Discovery

Efficient. Simple. Cost-Effective.

Prevent your employees, customers and partners from falling victims to surging phishing attacks with ImmuniWeb® Discovery phishing websites takedown. Just enter your company name to launch the Dark Web monitoring enhanced with the continuous monitoring of phishing websites, squatted domain names, fake accounts in social networks, rogue mobile apps usurping your corporate brand or identity, fraudulent or malicious web pages, and indicators of compromise (IoC) of your IT assets located on premise or in a multicloud environment.

Once you receive an alert about a phishing website, just click on a button to request its takedown. ImmuniWeb’s cybercrime investigators and legal experts will rapidly analyze the case and then undertake the necessary steps to lawfully take down the malicious website. Depending on the circumstances of the case, the takedown usually takes from one day to one week. May you have any questions, our security analysts are at your service 24/7.

All detected incidents, including phishing websites, are available on the user-friendly, interactive and customizable dashboard from where you can export the findings into a PDF or XLS file, or just use the API to automatically synchronize the data with your in-house SIEM system. Enjoy a fixed monthly price per company regardless the number of phishing websites takedowns or complexities of the case.

Because prevention is better. Act now.

Over 50 Awards and Industry Recognitions

Trusted by 1,000+ Global Customers

ImmuniWeb Discovery Pro's user-friendly interface and actionable reports have made the complex task of security assessment accessible to our team, saving us both time and resources. This has allowed us to focus on our core business activities with peace of mind, knowing that our digital presence is continually monitored and protected.

Shankar Narayana Damodaran
Security Consultant

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Why Choosing ImmuniWeb® AI Platform

Feel the difference. Get the results.

Reduce Your Costs
Reduce Your Costs
Up to 90% of operational
costs reduction
Accelerate Your Processes
Accelerate Your Processes
Up to x5 faster threat detection
and remediation
Simplify Your Workflow
Simplify Your Workflow
1 platform for 20 synergized
use cases

Phishing Websites Takedown

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