Free Security Tests

As a part of our ongoing commitment to the global cybersecurity industry and web security niche in particular,
High-Tech Bridge provides free security test to help companies and organizations better understand
and mitigate some risks related to their web and mobile applications.

Website Security Test
Inspect your website for PCI DSS compliance, check CMS security, CSP and web server security hardening, and privacy issues
24 test running
39.2M websites tested
Mobile App Security Test
Test security and privacy of your mobile application (iOS & Android), detect OWASP Mobile Top 10 and other weaknesses
12 test running
505.0K apps tested
SSL Security Test
Test SSL/TLS security and implementation for compliance with PCI DSS requirements, HIPAA guidance and NIST guidelines
79 test running
40.8M servers tested
Phishing Test
Find cybersquatted, typo-squatted and phishing websites that may misuse your trademarks or spoof your brand and identity
12 test running
909.9M domains analyzed
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