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Privacy Policy

1. Introduction, hereinafter “this website”, is owned and operated by ImmuniWeb SA, a Swiss company registered in Swiss Federal Commercial Register under No. CH-660.3.165.019-5 (hereinafter "ImmuniWeb"), domiciled at 29 Route de Pre-Bois, World Trade Center II, CH-1215 Geneva, Switzerland.

ImmuniWeb is committed to protect privacy and security of your personal information that we may collect and process with your consent when you use this website.

2. Scope

This Policy applies to all users who visit, or otherwise uses, this website and all the functionality the website provides. Please read this Policy carefully before using the website or submitting any personal information to it.

You are encouraged to review this Policy whenever you visit this website to make sure that you understand how any personal information you provide us with is used.

By using this website, you agree to and accept this Privacy Policy without any reservation.

You are not authorized and may not use this website if you disagree with this policy.

3. Collection, Storage and Removal of Information

In order to analyze website visitor's behavior and to provide a better service, ImmuniWeb may collect and record standard technical information about the website visitors, such as their IP addresses, browsers and operating system versions, and the referring websites.

ImmuniWeb collects Personally Identifiable Information (PII) (e.g. names, titles, postal and email addresses, etc.) only when voluntarily submitted by you via an existing functionality of this website for a specific legitimate purpose (e.g. trial request or newsletter subscription). ImmuniWeb may also collect the information, including PII, voluntarily submitted by you via alternative or non-digital means (e.g. email, fax, postal service, etc.) for a specific purpose (e.g. sales inquiry, job application, etc.).

The PII collected will be securely stored and processes at ImmuniWeb’s systems during the period reasonably required to handle and process your request. To ensure a better quality of service (e.g. provide an answer in your native language or withing business hours in your time zone), ImmuniWeb may share your data with authorized third parties (e.g. our regional resellers or agents) under the NDA strictly prohibiting any disclosure of the information or any other usage than to fulfill your request.

The information you provide us with is only used only to fulfill your specific request(s) unless you give a prior permission to use it in another manner.

The information can be deleted if requested to do so in writing or via an automated functionality (e.g. unsubscribe link will remove your subscription and the related PII) where available.

Once deleted, the information cannot be recovered and any claims for interrupted or undelivered service because of the information removal will be null and void.

Please contact us at with “My PII Data Removal” in the subject for any information deletion requests. Emails with different subject will be undelivered.

4. Disclosure of Personal Information to Third Parties

ImmuniWeb will never voluntarily disclose your personal information to any unauthorized third party unless:

(a) ImmuniWeb is required to do so by Swiss law or other applicable law; or

(b) ImmuniWeb is trying to protect against or prevent actual or potential fraud; or

(c) ImmuniWeb is investigating fraud that has already taken place.

We will make our best reasonable effort to inform you that your data was requested whenever we are legally permitted to do so.

5. Cookies

This website may use cookies and other tracking technologies to provide you with a better user experience and deliver requested information in a timely manner.

Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is not collected via our cookies, however, if you voluntary provide us with a personally identifiable information, the cookies may be tied to such information.

Third-party cookies may be used to deliver you a better advertising experience on other websites. We never share your personal data with any unauthorized third -parties.

6. Commitment to Information Security

We undertake our best reasonable effort to keep your personal information secure.

ImmuniWeb is an ISO 27001 certified company that adheres to various security and privacy procedures of this security standard.

All ImmuniWeb's employees also adhere to internal information security and data protection policies and procedures to safeguard your personal information.

7. Inquiries

If you have any questions, concerns, or comments about this Policy, please contact ImmuniWeb by e-mail:

8. Changes

ImmuniWeb reserves the right to make necessary changes to this Privacy Policy at any time and without prior notice.

Any changes will be posted online without delay. Any substantial changes, or changes that may considerably impact your privacy or security, will be promptly communicated to you by email or any other available mean of communication.

The changes will only apply on a going forward not retroactive basis.

Version 2.0
July 28th, 2020

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