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Geneva Information Security Day

Geneva Information Security Day is a leading European cybersecurity conference created as a vendor-independent platform for open and actionable discussion of emerging digital threats and remedies, knowledge sharing
and building sustainable cybersecurity industry.

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Nuno Teodoro

Chief Information Security Officer | Truphone | Portugal
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Nuno Teodoro is an information security expert with over 10 year of experience having its expertise on Cybersecurity & Threat Intelligence Strategies, CSIRT & SOCs, Data Privacy and Application Security Programs. With a background of B.Sc. and M.Sc. in computer engineering, he is pursuing a Ph.D in Cybersecurity, with several published papers. Currently he is the Global Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) for Truphone and has served as an Information Security Expert and Information Security Officer in multinational Organizations like Vodafone and Allianz. He is a board member of ISACA Portugal and is currently an invited professor in several universities scoping his lectures in Cybersecurity Strategies and Data Privacy initiatives.

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