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European Union to set up new cyber response unit

By Alex Scroxton for ComputerWeekly
Wednesday, June 23, 2021

The European Commission (EC) has set out plans to establish a new Joint Cyber Unit to respond to a high and growing number of cyber incidents affecting public services, private organisations and citizens, across the 27 European Union (EU) member states.

ImmuniWeb’s Ilia Kolochenko, who is also a member of Europol’s data protection experts network, said that given international collaboration was needed to bring surging cyber crime to heel, the EU’s proposal looked very promising. But the plans may yet need to be beefed up, he added.

“We should bear in mind that coordinated defence, response and eventual prosecution of cyber crime is virtually impossible without cohesive global cooperation,” said Kolochenko. “The EU countries may face the well-known challenges of foreign jurisdictions that continually refuse to extradite their citizens charged with cyber crime abroad.

“Moreover, modern nation-state hacking groups increasingly frame up some of their rivals, for example neighbouring countries, by hacking their infrastructure and then proxying their attacks through the breached systems.

“Eventually, even the best forensic investigation will be misled and likely misattribute the attack. This uncertainty undermines cyber self-defence, as you risk counterattacking an innocent party, provoking further escalation and violating international law. Therefore, I think, the best way to protect EU countries from digital threats is to invest in national cyber resilience capacities, promote cyber security awareness among organisations of all sizes, and implement mandatory cyber education in schools and universities.” Read Full Article

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