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Hacker group threatening to sell 1TB of Saudi Aramco data to the highest bidder

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

The group posted the samples on a .onion leak site and has inserted a timer of 662 hours (or 28 days), following which the stolen data will be sold to the highest bidder. This could be an attempt to coerce Saudi Aramco to negotiate and to purchase its proprietary data before it is sold to a third party.

Commenting on the successful theft of Saudi Aramco’s data by a relatively unknown hacker group, Ilia Kolochenko, the CEO of ImmuniWeb, says that given that some of the compromised data allegedly comes from 1993, it is now impossible that the data comes from several breached suppliers as well as from Aramco networks directly.

“Oftentimes, suppliers have privileged and virtually uncontrolled access to corporate resources on-premises and in the cloud, both of which are low-hanging fruit for shrewd cybercriminals. Many modern cyber gangs focus solely on hacking technology vendors to pivot to their customers in a simple, inexpensive and effortless manner.

“Today, the Middle East is a booming market for cybersecurity, however, companies shpuld pay more attention to supply chain security, otherwise, they may repeat the unenviable scenario of the Colonial Pipeline attack,” he adds. Read Full Article

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