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Partial Twitter Source Code Leak on GitHub Uploaded Shortly After First Round of Layoffs

By Scott Ikeda for CPO Magazine
Thursday, March 30, 2023

Elon Musk’s ownership of Twitter has turned into another partisan political issue, and interpretations of the potential damage of the source code leak are thus likely to turn into wishcasting depending on the views of the source. It is possible that the source code will reveal security vulnerabilities, but the likelihood of it creating some sort of competitive disadvantage for the service is low. More information about what was actually lost is needed to make an informed assessment.

Dr. Ilia Kolochenko, Founder of ImmuniWeb, provides a neutral analysis of what Twitter users should expect from this incident: “The alleged security incident will unlikely have any major impact on Twitter and its users, unless some critical parts of the code were actually exposed and misappropriated by cyber threat actors. For instance, source code of business-critical APIs, which allow vetted third parties to remotely access sensitive data of Twitter users, can possibly expose critical security vulnerabilities that are undetectable from the outside.”

Though the damage remains unknown, the source code leak certainly will not help Twitter’s troubled revenue situation. Recent reporting on an internal memo circulated by Musk indicates that the company’s current valuation is about $20 billion, or under half what Musk paid for it in 2022. In addition to aggressive cuts, mostly to employees, plans for recouping that loss appear to be centered on aggressively pushing the Twitter Blue premium subscription. Musk took to the platform to announce on Monday that the main “For You” feed, the default view by which users receive tweets, will no longer contain any posts by unverified users. Read Full Article

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