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Presidential campaign websites fail at privacy, new study shows

By J.M. Porup for CSO
Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Majority of campaign websites get a failing grade despite good scores for security.

Web security

Test all candidate campaign websites through SSL Labs and you'll find strong, modern ciphers and solid TLS configuration. "Using public assessment tools from Qualys SSL Labs and ImmuniWeb, all sites earned an “A” or “A+” in this area," the report says, and had trusted certificates as well as certificate transparency. As a nice bonus, 58% of campaign websites support TLS 1.3, significantly higher than any other sector.

With two exceptions, all campaign have enabled domain locking to prevent unauthorized transfer of domain ownership. (That's probably two too many, to be honest.) One fun detail the report uncovered is that 74% of campaign sites are available over IPv6, compared to 12% in other sectors. Read Full Article

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