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Wipro Hires Forensic Firm After Hack

By Tom Jowitt for Silicon UK
Wednesday, April 17, 2019

One security expert has warned that some small service providers have reduced their cybersecurity spending, and this could be dangerous in the months ahead.

“Technology and security providers now dominate the list of low hanging fruits for cyber gangs,” explained Ilia Kolochenko, Founder, CEO and chief architect at web security company ImmuniWeb.

“Acting on a highly competitive and turbulent market, small service providers often have to cut their own cybersecurity costs and often disregard even the fundamentals of data protection,” said Kolochenko.

“Large and wealthy companies have such convoluted and intricate systems all over the world, that it’s virtually impossible to secure them,” he added. “Legacy and shadow systems, third-party infrastructure, cloud and outscoring exacerbate the situation and annihilate data security.”

“It is premature to make any decisive conclusions about the Wipro security incident before the company will conduct a comprehensive investigation,” he concluded.

“I’d not speculate on the rumours and wait for an official statement,” Kolochenko said. “The good news is that the incident was detected and is being remediated, while the vast majority of targeted attacks against trusted suppliers remain undetected and actually represent a time bomb.” Read Full Article

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