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Zoom admits ‘confusion’ over its promise of end-to-end encryption

By Howard Solomon for IT World Canada
Thursday, April 2, 2020

The Intercept’s article captured headlines and several security researchers have noted a rise in the number of posts in hacking forums with tips on exchanging Zoom conferencing codes and ways to disrupt meetings. However, at least one expert suggested CISOs and individuals have more serious threats to worry about.

“Few attackers will ever bother to intercept Zoom communications,” said Ilia Kolochenko, founder and CEO of web security company ImmuniWeb, “Even fewer will extract any value from the alleged data sharing with Facebook. Instead, they will bet on the skyrocketing number of poorly configured VPNs and RDP technologies, abandoned servers and unprotected cloud storage, exposed databases and shadow IT resources that widely open the door to companies’ crown jewels. Others will hone their skills in large-scale phishing and BEC campaigns. Unfortunately, most of their attacks will likely be tremendously successful.” Read Full Article

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