In light of COVID-19 precaution measures, we remind that all ImmuniWeb products can be easily configured and safely paid online without any human contact or paperwork.

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ImmuniWeb Enables Secure Digital Transformation for Coronavirus-Affected Business

March 23, 2020

The Covid-19 salvage plan includes provision of ImmuniWeb solutions totaling $500,000 for eligible entities and an extended version of free Community Edition for everyone.

ImmuniWeb Enables Secure Digital Transformation for Coronavirus-Affected Business

While coronavirus rapidly proliferates in Western countries, more and more states and cities enact severe, albeit indispensable, confinement measures to preclude further surge of the infection.

Countless number of small and large businesses are striving to urgently reinvent themselves in the digital space, shifting their sales online and digitalizing their workflow with clients. Few are, however, sufficiently prepared to properly address a wide spectrum of cybersecurity, compliance and privacy issues they will inevitably face while fighting for survival.

In the meanwhile, a spiraling number of unscrupulous cybercriminals are actively profiteering from the overall panic. Lack of experience, security budgets and other necessary resources to address cybersecurity will adrenalize a mushrooming number of disastrous data breaches, long-lasting financial losses both for customers and breached businesses, pushing some of them into bankruptcies. Already overburdened and underequipped law enforcement agencies simply have no available resources to tackle the problem amid the global havoc.

At ImmuniWeb, to support our society amid the propagation of crisis, to cushion and alleviate a painful digital transformation process for the affected businesses, we decided to support organizations and businesses most in need. Our core business is application security and compliance, hence ImmuniWeb is perfectly poised to aid the digital newcomers to safeguard their newly launched web and mobile applications, cloud and SaaS systems.

We will provide a bundle of our solutions for $500,000 value for organizations and companies now migrating their workflow into the digital space because of coronavirus. ImmuniWeb will notably help:

  • Rapidly identify your external attack perimeter, including unprotected public cloud and APIs, vulnerable web and mobile apps, exposed databases and backups.
  • Measure and scorecard your security and compliance risks in actionable and easily consumable manner for informed and risk-based security testing and defense.
  • Conduct PCI DSS and GDRP audits of your business-critical web and mobile apps for all known security and privacy flaws, misconfigurations and weaknesses, including SANS Top 25.
  • Spot your stolen or leaked credentials and other confidential information on the Dark Web, cybercrime marketplaces and web resources like Pastebin.
  • Implement a continuous security monitoring with instant notifications about emerging threats and security issues.

Depending on solutions required, overall size of the project and remaining funds, ImmuniWeb will provide necessary solutions for free during the coronavirus crisis.

Eligibility Criteria

The following entities are eligible to get support within the program:

  • International organizations or governmental entities in Europe, Canada or US.


  • A solvent business existing for at least 2 years, and
  • Incorporated in Europe, Canada or US, and
  • With 30% or less of revenue stemming from online sales in 2019, and
  • With 70% or more revenue is to shift online in Q2 2020 because of Covid-19.

Fast Track

  • Governmental agencies fighting Covid-19
  • Suppliers of medical equipment and essential goods

ImmuniWeb Solutions Covered by the Program

How to Apply

  • Please double-check you are eligible
  • Please send us an email with the following:
    • Briefly describe your shift to the online space (timing, scope, needs)
    • List your web or mobile apps, cloud or SaaS systems
    • Make sure you indicate your full contact details
  • We will get back to you within the next 24 hours

Your data will be processed securely, stored as long as necessary to process your request and then securely deleted. Your data will not be shared with any third parties.

For all other companies and organizations we enhanced our free Community Offering with new features, previously available to paying customers only, and removed some daily tests limits to ensure that everyone will be able to test his or her security in just one click. Our Community provides free web and mobile security testing fitted for businesses of all sizes and from all niches:

  • Website Security Test – to verify that commercial or Open Source Software on your website is up2date and secure, and to check compliance with GDPR and PCI DSS requirements. Tests 200+ CMS and 150,000+ plugins for over 12,000 security vulnerabilities.
  • Domain Security Test – to spot phishing websites, cybersquatting and typosquatting resources targeting your brand, trademarks or digital identity. Also detects fake accounts in social networks including Facebook and Twitter.
  • Mobile App Security Test – to detect security vulnerabilities, encryption and privacy issues in your mobile apps, their external components and backend. Full OWASP Mobile Top 10 coverage.
  • SSL/TLS Security Test – to ensure that your web and email servers are properly encrypting the traffic, and comply with relevant requirements of PCI DSS, NIST and HIPAA.

ImmuniWeb CEO and Founder, Ilia Kolochenko, says: “Being a small but highly efficient business, this is a serious but a well-though engagement for ImmuniWeb that will require us to work even harder, continuously improving our award-winning AI technology to reduce costs.

The DNA of ImmuniWeb® Platform is agile provision of highly efficient and effective services in a contactless, paperless and entirely online manner, adjustable for any needs or special requirements. Since years, we have been consistently and coherently reducing complexity and costs of application security for our customers from over 50 countries. Today, these advantages may be a lifesaver for many disoriented but resisting companies seeking for help to securely transform their business models and shift into digital space.

ImmuniWeb’s organizational structure has been robust and resilient to such crisis since our creation. We are confident in our capacity to continue delivering value and excellence to our clients and partners who are now urgently seeking to secure their enlarged digital infrastructure. The coronavirus will disappear, while our efforts and good memories will remain. Many other exciting announcements are coming soon, please stay tuned.”

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