Your Application Security is a Big Deal

Insecure web and mobile applications are a key catalyst to the emerging cybercrime wraith. Skyrocketing
financial losses and incalculable intangible damages preoccupy all companies and organizations,
from SMEs to multinationals. Explore application security risks below.

Application Security in the Global Cybercrime Landscape

Applications, not the infrastructure,
represent the main attack vector
for data exfiltration

According to Akamai, the number of
web application attacks increased by 38%
in Q2 2018 compared to Q2 2017

Hacking via
Web Applications
All Hacking Vectors
Largest breaches via
web applications
Total largest breaches

Why Attackers Purposely Target Applications?

Largest Attack Surface

Total vulnerable applications Exploitable vulnerabilities
in network services
Exploitable vulnerabilities
in applications

Highest Profit for Cybercriminals

Profit from stolen data
sale on Dark Web
Cost to steal data from
web application
Cost to breach
web application

Attack Simplicity

Skills required to attack
Skills required to attack
network service

Open Door to Crown Jewels

Applications allowing direct
access to sensitive data
Applications allowing indirect
access to sensitive data

Based on average from 17 cybercrime reports issued in 2016-2018

What Are the Risks of Insecure Applications?

Lawsuites and Legal Costs

Lawsuits by individual victims Class-action lawsuites by victims Fines imposed by law and
regulatory authorities

Direct and IP Theft

Financial data and PII theft Intellectual property theft Other sensitive data theft

Loss of Business

Reputational costs
and loss of new
Reputational costs
and loss of current

Direct Losses

Legal costs Cost of investigation
and breach mitigation
Cost of service

Based on average from 17 cybercrime reports issued in 2016-2018

FT 500 Application Security Report

According to a recent research by ImmuniWeb:

  • 70% of FT 500 can find access to some of their
    websites being sold on Dark Web
  • 92% of external web applications have exploitable
    security flaws or weaknesses
  • 19% of the companies have external
    unprotected cloud storage
  • 2% of external web applications are
    properly protected with a WAF
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