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GenAI Lawsuits: Evidence Collection & Pretrial Discovery for Plaintiffs

By Dr. Ilia Kolochenko, ImmuniWeb, and Gordon Platt, Platt Law LLP for Bloomberg Law
Monday, May 27, 2024

In 2024, generative AI (GenAI) vendors face unflattering accusations of massive, Internet-wide misappropriation of data for AI training purposes. Some of them endeavor to conceal their clandestine data sources and obscure data collection techniques, usually asserting protection of their trade secrets and other unpersuasive smoke-screen arguments.

Eventually, plaintiffs are oftentimes unfairly left without legal redress and adequate compensation for their misappropriated and misused intellectual property or fruits of their intellectual labor. Paradigmatically, some large GenAI vendors are vigorously and lavishly lobbying for “sustainable” regulation of AI that would, among other things, exonerate them from liability for any and all already collected data, as well as exempt them from disclosing the provenance of AI training data.

This article briefly covers various techniques to collect evidence that plaintiffs may leverage to corroborate their claims against GenAI vendors and enhance their chances to prevail in a fair trial. Read Full Article

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