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ImmuniWeb launches cybersecurity compliance service

Monday, March 11, 2024

To deliver cybersecurity compliance services, ImmuniWeb is looking to collaborate with law firms around the globe including Switzerland, the UK, the EU, and the US.

While a law firm will review a client’s cybersecurity compliance from a legal viewpoint and create an action plan to remediate the non-conformities and to comply with legal and regulatory requirements; ImmuniWeb will then help the client to implement the technical part under the law firm’s supervision thereby preserving attorney-client privilege and providing all other advantages of working a law firm.

Data protection or privacy legislation

Once the non-conformities are duly addressed, the law firm can also provide the client with a letter of conformity that can be shared with regulators, clients, partners, or investors to demonstrate its commitment to cybersecurity, privacy, and data protection.

The service is welcome in 2024, with over one hundred countries having data protection or privacy legislation that imposes requirements relating to cyber risk management, cybersecurity, or incident response.

Penalties for non-compliance

Even with no physical presence in a country, its laws may nonetheless apply to a business. Penalties for non-compliance can result in large monetary fines and a bar on engaging in certain business activities.

Serious cases may even trigger the criminal prosecution of non-compliant entities, their directors, and executives including CISOs.

ImmuniWeb® AI Platform with Cybersecurity Compliance

Dr. Ilia Kolochenko, CEO & Chief Architect at ImmuniWeb, who is also a Partner and Cybersecurity Practice Lead at Platt Law LLP law firm headquartered in New York, says, “We are delighted to help our customers to get legal certainty about their conformity and compliance with the mushrooming number of data protection, privacy, and data-breach-response laws amid the growing uncertainty."

"This unique synergy is a perfect complement and valuable enhancement of our award-winning cybersecurity products and services used by over 1,000 enterprise customers in more than 50 countries."

Comprehensive overview of the new service

“We are currently expanding our global network of pioneering law firms, who will support our clients with legal advice and other legal services that, in most jurisdictions, can be performed only by lawyers. More exciting news is coming soon, please stay tuned.”

A dedicated webinar will take place on March 21 to provide ImmuniWeb customers and partners with a comprehensive overview of the new service and answer any related questions. Registration is available on the website, please consider booking a place as soon as possible, the number of places is limited. Read Full Article

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