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Microsoft has told workers in China to ditch Android and use iPhones – here’s why

By Nicole Kobie for IT PRO
Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Perhaps that's little surprise given Microsoft has closed its shops in the country, and is reportedly encouraging cloud and AI staff to relocate, amid worsening relations between the US and China.

Ilia Kolochenko, CEO at ImmuniWeb, said the move could also be due to lingering concerns about the safety of open source software products.

"I think this move may be at least partially triggered by the growing lack of Western confidence in open-sourced products, bolstered by the recent XZ Utils backdoor scandal," Kolochenko said.

On the other hand, iOS has long been seen as more secure, partially down to Apple's more locked-down approach, not only manufacturing the phones itself but also constraining access to core code — though it's worth noting that no smartphone offers perfect security against hackers.

“In America, Apple has a better perception of security and privacy compared to Android, although it may not necessarily be true: a properly configured and hardened Android is much more secure than an outdated iOS device,” Kolochenko noted.

Regardless of the phone platform, apps are a key target for hackers, which may be one reason why Microsoft would prefer not to sideload its authentication apps or ask workers to use alternative marketplaces. Read Full Article

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