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OpenAI says it’s charting a "path to AGI" with its next frontier AI model

By Steve Ranger for IT PRO
Thursday, May 30, 2024

Some may raise eyebrows at the safety committee being made up of members of existing OpenAI’s board.

Dr Ilia Kolochenko, CEO at ImmuniWeb and adjunct professor of cyber security at Capital Technology University, questioned whether the move will actually deliver positive outcomes as far as AI safety is concerned.

“Being safe does not necessarily imply being accurate, reliable, fair, transparent, explainable and non-discriminative – the absolutely crucial characteristics of GenAI solutions,” Kolochenko said. “In view of the past turbulence at OpenAI, I am not sure that the new committee will make a radical improvement.”

The launch of the safety committee comes amidst greater calls for more rigorous regulation and oversight of LLM development. Most recently, a former OpenAI board member has argued that self-governance isn’t the right approach for AI firms and has argued that a strong regulatory framework is needed. Read Full Article

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