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ImmuniWeb Adds Network Security Assessment to Penetration Testing Products

April 23, 2024

Web and mobile penetration testing products will now have an option to perform a comprehensive network security assessment of the underlying network infrastructure.

Today, to provide our valued customers from over 50 countries with the most comprehensive security testing, ImmuniWeb introduces Network Security Assessment option in Corporate Pro packages of ImmuniWeb MobileSuite and ImmuniWeb On-Demand penetration testing products.

When network infrastructure is owned or operated by the customer, being a cloud-based instance to host mobile app’s backend APIs or an on-premise web server that hosts multiple web applications, the following security tests will be performed:

  • Comprehensive enumeration of all network services on all ports
  • Detection of unnecessary exposed, shadow or legacy network services
  • Detection of outdated or vulnerable network software
  • Detection of misconfigured network software
  • Detection of known network backdoors

The upcoming penetration testing reports will now have a dedicated Network Security Assessment section with full details of the findings and infographics. Customers who, for some reasons, are unwilling to run the network security assessment, will have a possibility to opt out.

Dr. Ilia Kolochenko, Chief Architect & CEO at ImmuniWeb, says: “We are attentively listening to all our customers and partners and pay high attention to their requests. In our experience, network security vulnerabilities are not the root cause of data breaches – with some narrow exceptions like the notorious Log4j vulnerability or backdoored IT software widely used in the industry – they still can lead to disastrous outcomes and crush all your application security efforts and investments as a matter of minutes. Therefore, while ImmuniWeb has been and remains a global application security company with a clear focus on application security, we believe that network security assessment component will bring value to our customers around the globe and also protect their investments in web, mobile, cloud and API security. More exciting news and updates are coming soon, please stay tuned.

The Network Security Assessment option will have no impact on price of any ImmuniWeb penetration testing products or packages.

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