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High-Tech Bridge announces free application discovery and inventory service

November 15, 2017

ImmuniWeb® Discovery provides continuous discovery, inventory and visibility of web and mobile applications and their APIs.

High-Tech Bridge, a global web security company, is happy to announce a public launch of ImmuniWeb® Discovery that was initially presented to a limited number of exclusive customers and partners on the 28th ISF Congress in Cannes.

The free service is a part of ImmuniWeb® Application Security Testing (AST) Platform, designed to reduce AST costs, minimize external attack surface and help achieve compliance and regulatory requirements. ImmuniWeb Discovery enables companies and organizations to maintain a comprehensive inventory and classification of their external web and mobile applications, as well as their APIs. The free service provides a continuous and non-intrusive application discovery, leveraging a wide spectrum of reconnaissance and OSINT information gathering techniques.

ImmuniWeb Discovery has a user-friendly web interface to monitor, map and label application risks, compliances and personal data storage across corporate web and mobile applications.

High-Tech Bridge also unveils its vendor-neutral Application Security Testing Lifecycle that guides companies through the application security testing jungle in a simple and common-sense way. The lifecycle starts with application discovery and inventory – a crucial step that many companies do not properly implement and fail afterwards, regardless which application security testing solution they use.

Ilia Kolochenko, CEO and Founder at High-Tech Bridge says: “Today, many companies are frustrated and disoriented with their application security strategy, lost in DevSecOps hype. Most of the application security incidents and data breaches involve abandoned and vulnerable applications that companies simply forget in the course of business development. GDPR imposes severe sanctions for loss of personal data that is unavoidable without holistic inventory and classification of corporate applications. At High-Tech Bridge, we designed this vendor-independent service to enable companies to take back control of their applications.

Andy Bates, Executive Director, United Kingdom, Europe, Middle East & Africa, Global Cyber Alliance, comments: “At the Global Cyber Alliance we truly believe that it’s time to clean the internet and remove the systemic causes of cybercrime. There are many excellent free to use security tools and platforms which enable businesses who ordinarily cannot afford commercial cyber defense to receive the protection they deserve. High-Tech Bridge have been one of our most proactive partners and share our goal to make the internet a safer place, we see their free to use products as complimentary to ours and provide businesses with a holistic protection solution”.

Jeff Wilbur, Director, Online Trust Alliance Initiative, Internet Society says: “We have conducted an Online Trust Audit for nearly 10 years, assessing the consumer protection, site security and privacy practices of 1,000 sites. A key conclusion year after year is that organizations need to continually monitor the status of their site and application security to keep pace with the latest vulnerabilities and attack vectors, yet most don’t have a consistent way to monitor changes in all those elements. Free tools such as High-Tech Bridge’s SSL/TLS Server Test, which we have utilized as part of our Audit for years, and their new ImmuniWeb Application Discovery, are invaluable for organizations of all sizes since they give a comprehensive summary against the latest threat and regulatory landscape and point to corrective action that needs to be taken.

To try ImmuniWeb Discovery please sign up on ImmuniWeb® Customer Portal using your business email.

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