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ImmuniWeb joins efforts with Trust Valley to help protecting Swiss SMEs

March 17, 2022

The Trust4SMEs program of Trust Valley aims to enhance cybersecurity resilience, bolster cybersecurity awareness and prevent data breaches of Lake Geneva SMEs.

While governments worldwide saw a mind-blowing 1,885% increase in ransomware attacks in 2021, Small and Medium Businesses (SMEs) probably remain the most vulnerable and the least prepared sector of economy to deflect targeted or even mass-scale attacks. Most SMEs erroneously believe to be uninteresting target for professional cyber mercenaries, while the latter perfidiously go after naïve victims in sophisticated supply chain attacks chasing for data of their VIP customers.

Trust Valley is a Swiss public-private partnership aimed at promoting the excellence of the Lake Geneva region in the field of digital trust and cybersecurity. Public authorities, academic institutions and economic players are joining forces to promote this unique center of expertise and encourage the emergence of innovative projects. Its flagship Trust4SMEs program provides SMEs from the Lake Geneva region with cybersecurity awareness training, coaching and implementation of cybersecurity measure to avoid falling victim of cyberattacks.

ImmuniWeb will financially support the Trust4SMEs initiative, as well as contribute to the program by offering access to its award-winning ImmuniWeb® AI Platform. Bertrand Kolb, ImmuniWeb Board Member, ex-police officer and serial tech entrepreneur, will also join Trust4SMEs’ Advisory Board.

“The key word of this program is the pooling of cybersecurity skills and expertise of some twenty academic, industrial and public partners. We are really pleased to work with ImmuniWeb on this unique program” says Lennig Pedron, Trust Valley Executive Director.

Bertrand Kolb, ImmuniWeb Board Member, says: “Amid the surging cyber-attacks and global cyber conflicts, public-private partnerships are essentially needed to finally empower SMEs to defend themselves. We are looking forward to joining efforts with the Trust Valley team of leading experts and industry partners to help improving cyber-defense capabilities in Switzerland and serve an example to other countries.

At ImmuniWeb, we have been supporting sustainable development of the cybersecurity industry since a while already by the growing number of public-privacy partnerships with national CERTs, law enforcement agencies and international organization like UN ITU. Our free Community Edition is actively leveraged by SMEs, universities and small municipal governments around the globe to test and protect their digital infrastructure at no cost. The Community Edition currently runs over 100,000 daily tests.

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