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ImmuniWeb: Antidote to web attacks for any businesses

November 19, 2014

As a result of the success of ImmuniWeb SMB, we are announcing three new product categories to help organisations of all size to accurately discover and quickly remediate all types of web application vulnerabilities.

If there is a security vulnerability in your organisation, would you want to know about it or remain in the dark? Organisations take steps to monitor and maintain risks such as physical security of premises and the integrity of employees, but often leave one of the key vulnerabilities – website security – to less than optimal protection and can remain ignorant of a breach until customer records are stolen, by which time it is too late.

There’s a long list of possible attacks on web applications and they change in number and sophistication by the day. Stealing passwords and data, including credit cards, taking over a server for hosting porn, infecting computers with sophisticated malware are among these attacks, but there are many more.

Every website is vulnerable to attack. Consider that:

  • 4/5 websites are vulnerable – Frost & Sullivan (2013).
  • 96% of tested applications have vulnerabilities – Cenzic (2014).
  • 86% of all websites have at least one serious vulnerability – WhiteHat Security (2013).
  • 93% of large businesses in the UK suffered a computer security breach in the previous 12 months, while 87 per cent of small businesses also suffered attacks - UK Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (2013)
  • defacement archive contains above 9,500,000 mirrors of hacked websites, significant part of which are well-known, governmental, law-enforcement and even security companies’ websites (2014).

Currently, companies tend to use the following options to counter attacks on their web applications:

  • Engage a security consultant or conduct expensive security audits
  • Rely on Web Application Firewall or monitoring service
  • Use a web vulnerability scanner or an automated scanning SaaS

Each of these approaches has its drawbacks, including either high cost, or unreliability and inaccurate reports with false-positives and missed vulnerabilities.

To give organisations an efficient and effective solution to prevent increasing web attacks in earlier this year, we launched ImmuniWeb®, our hybrid web application vulnerability assessment service. ImmuniWeb combines manual web penetration testing and highly-sophisticated 360° automated security assessment. It can be ordered and configured online within several minutes even from your mobile phone. At the end of the assessment our customers receive a manually-written actionable report with zero false-positives guaranteed.

ImmuniWeb® assessment report: manually-written guide how to secure your website
ImmuniWeb® assessment report: manually-written guide how to secure your website

Today there are many "security services" that will alert you about in case of your website compromise, defacement, infection with malware, or inclusion into various blacklists, and will even "repair" the hack by deleting its consequences. Our approach is different: ImmuniWeb® prevents all these problems before they occur.

Now as a result of the success of ImmuniWeb SMB, we are announcing three new product categories to help organisations of all size to accurately discover and quickly remediate all types of web application vulnerabilities, including the most complicated ones:

  • ImmuniWeb® Express
    Best decision making tool for companies of all sizes, a rapid, but holistic assessment of the most critical vulnerabilities will tell you how secure your website is.
  • ImmuniWeb® SMB
    Perfect solution for most SMB websites that wish to prevent financial and data losses, protect their customers' privacy, and ensure their business reputation.
  • ImmuniWeb® Corporate
    Best choice for medium and large corporate websites, a sophisticated assessment that reveals highly-complicated vulnerabilities that automated solutions cannot detect.
  • ImmuniWeb® Corporate Pro
    The longest and thus the most profound assessment for large, complicated and critical web applications that identifies even the most sophisticated vulnerabilities.

New categories of ImmuniWeb® suitable for business of all sizes
New categories of ImmuniWeb® suitable for business of all sizes.

For each ImmuniWeb assessment you will receive:

  • Vanguard 360° automated security assessment
    ImmuniWeb® Scanner is a proprietary web vulnerability and weakness scanner entirely developed and supported by High-Tech Bridge. The Vanguard concept of 360º Scanning, on which the ImmuniWeb® Security Scanner is based, represents a set of five different highly-sophisticated modules that cover all aspects of web application security.
  • Manual testing by experienced professionals
    ImmuniWeb is different from all other web security testing products as it is a real penetration test performed by experienced security auditors and web security experts at High-Tech Bridge.
  • Actionable reports with customised recommendations, written by a person not a machine
    The ImmuniWeb assessment report provides users with a comprehensive overview of the current state of website security. For each vulnerability discovered, an ImmuniWeb security auditor carefully examines every vulnerability to suggest the most efficient patching technique.
  • 24/7 availability: pay and order online in just five minutes
    The entire ImmuniWeb penetration testing process is handled online – there is no need to make phone calls or sign paper documents. Simply provide the details of the web application you want to test, pay with a credit card or via PayPal, and testing can begin within a few hours.

Vanguard 360º Scanning Technology of ImmuniWeb® Security Scanner
Vanguard 360º Scanning Technology of ImmuniWeb® Security Scanner

Ilia Kolochenko, CEO of High-Tech Bridge and ImmuniWeb chief architect, comments: "Being on the ethical hacking market since many years, I always wanted to create an efficient and cost-effective penetration testing service that anyone, regardless of his or her technical skills, company size and geographical location, could easily customize and order within minutes. A report for penetration testing service should be actionable, well-written with detailed solutions for every vulnerability tailored for the customer technical and business needs. We managed to create such service under the brand of ImmuniWeb.

The public launch of ImmuniWeb in May 2014 has clearly demonstrated that customers appreciated our new offering. Now by introducing four distinct categories of ImmuniWeb, we want to give even more flexibility to our customers, whoever they are – small businesses and individuals, or multinational companies and financial institutions.

Our vision is big: we aim to deliver cutting-edge web penetration testing world-wide to everyone who is looking for efficient protection against hackers. The web security market is growing and we will follow, our internal resources allow us to handle as many customers as will come to us for reliable protection."

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