Application Penetration Testing Reinvented

ImmuniWeb® AI Platform leverages Machine Learning and AI for intelligent automation and acceleration of
threat-aware penetration testing. Driven by human intelligence, it rapidly detects even the
most sophisticated vulnerabilities and comes with a zero false-positives SLA.

ImmuniWeb® AI Platform

Multilayer Application Security Testing (AST)
Task Complexity
Human Intelligence
AI Technology
AST Software
DevSecOps & S-SDLC Integration
Practical Usage of AI / ML

Rapid and Scalable Application Penetration Testing

AI for Acceleration

We deliver faster crawling, fuzzing,
validation and exploitation

AI for Cost Reduction

We reduce up to 90% of human
time required for testing

AI for Reliability

We eliminate human mistakes
and omissions
Value Proposition & Benefits

Application Security Testing Becomes Simple

Zero False Positives SLA

Money-Back Guarantee for
a single false positive

Highest Vulnerability Detection

AST software, AI and human detect
99.9% of security flaws

Actionable Reporting

Tailored remediation guidelines
and 24/7 support

Rapid Delivery SLA

Guaranteed schedule of execution
and report delivery


Integration with the most popular
WAF, SIEM and bug-trackers

Agile and Scalable

Instant start and rapid delivery
for unlimited targets
API, Web & Mobile Security Testing

Comprehensive Application Penetration Testing

Internal & External Web Apps

Virtual Appliance technology for
internal applications testing

APIs and Web Services

Comprehensive coverage of API &
Web Services (REST/SOAP)

Mobile and IoT Applications

Native & hybrid mobile apps for
iOS & Android, IoT apps

Software Composition Analysis

Software Composition Analysis (SCA) module of ImmuniWeb® AI contains over 50,000 known vulnerabilities for over 1,000 CMS and web frameworks from vendors including Microsoft,
Oracle and SAP

Outperforming Penetration Testing

Agile, Continuous and DevSecOps-Enabled

Capacities ImmuniWeb®
AI Platform
Traditional Application
Penetration Testing
Threat-Aware Testing Scenarios Yes Yes
Web, Mobile, API and IoT Testing Yes Yes
Internal & External Application Testing Yes Yes
Continuous New Code Detection & Testing Yes No
Rapid and Cost-Effective Manual Testing Yes No
One-Click Virtual Patching Capacities Yes No
24/7 Access to Our Security Analysts Yes No
DevSecOps and CI/CD Integration Yes No
Instant Order & Rapid Delivery Yes No
Penetration Testing vs ImmuniWeb Traditional Application
Far Beyond Vulnerability Scanners

Highest Vulnerability Detection with Zero False-Positives

Web Vulnerability
and Noise
ImmuniWeb Application Security Testing Actionable
ImmuniWeb® AI Platform:
  • Threat-aware penetration testing
  • 24/7 access to our security analysts
  • Tailored remediation guidelines
  • Zero False-Positives SLA
  • Rapid Delivery SLA
DevSecOps & CI/CD Integration

Helicopter View of Application Security Vulnerabilities

Multirole Dashboard

All information in one place for Developers,
Security and IT Personnel

Tailored for Developers

24/7 remediation support, data export
into SDLC & CI/CD tools

Instant Virtual Patching

One-click virtual patching via integration
with the most popular WAF

Developers Environment

Jira DevSecOps Integration HP DevSecOps Integration Bugzilla DevSecOps Integration Splunk DevSecOps Integration Mantis DevSecOps Integration Defectdojo DevSecOps Integration

Web Application Firewalls

Continuous and One-Time

ImmuniWeb® AI Platform Products

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ImmuniWeb® Discovery
ImmuniWeb® Discovery Asset Inventory and Security Ratings
Web Mobile API Cloud
ImmuniWeb® MobileSuite
ImmuniWeb® MobileSuite Mobile Application Penetration Test
Mobile API Cloud
ImmuniWeb® On-Demand
ImmuniWeb® On-Demand Web Application Penetration Test
Web API Cloud
ImmuniWeb Continuous
ImmuniWeb® Continuous 24/7 Monitoring and Penetration Testing
Web API Cloud
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Crédit Agricole next bank (Suisse) SA
eBay Classifieds Group
Banca dello Stato del Cantone Ticino
Haymarket Media, Inc.
Swissquote Bank SA
University Hospitals of Geneva (HUG)
SIX Group Services AG
International Telecommunication Union (ITU)
Manor AG
SIM University
Arab Bank (Switzerland) Ltd.
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ImmuniWeb® AI Platform
  • Practical Usage of AI / ML
  • Value Proposition & Benefits
  • API, Web & Mobile Security Testing
  • Outperforming Penetration Testing
  • Far Beyond Vulnerability Scanners
  • DevSecOps & CI/CD Integration
  • Continuous & One-Time
  • Gartner & Testimonials
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