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ImmuniWeb Discovery to Illuminate Critical Network Infrastructure

April 16, 2020

Award-winning Attack Surface Management is now enhanced with discovery of critical network services, exposed databases and DBMS, virtualization and containers management software.

ImmuniWeb Discovery to Illuminate Critical Network Infrastructure

Already offering an extensive coverage of digital, cloud and IoT assets, ImmuniWeb aims to provide its customers and partners with the most comprehensive and actionable Attack Surface Management solution available on the global market. Following a highly positive and encouraging customers’ feedback about the previous major update announced last month, we are thrilled to relentlessly pursue our continuous improvement.

Modern application security program cannot be isolated from collateral risks and threats stemming from network, cloud, and data breaches affecting suppliers and other trusted third parties. An accidentally leaked source code in GitHub can swiftly undermine the integrity of your application security testing efforts. Stolen website credentials offered on Dark Web silently open the door to your digital realm even if the web application itself contains no single vulnerability or weakness.

To address these challenges in a simple, proactive and efficient manner, ImmuniWeb® Discovery already enhances its award-winning Attack Surface Management offering with a continuous monitoring of Public Code Repositories and Dark Web resources. This pioneering approach boosts visibility and enables a risk-based approach to holistic application security and compliance, gradually reducing complexity and costs.

To offer the most comprehensive overview of your external attack surface, ImmuniWeb Discovery now rapidly detects and informs you about exposure of the most critical network services (including VPN, RDP, VNC, SSH, FTP, LDAP, RADIUS, VoIP and others), databases and related systems (including MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle, SAP, MongoDB, Elasticsearch and others), as well as virtualization and containers management software.

Discovery Network Infrastructure

Ilia Kolochenko, CEO & Founder of ImmuniWeb, comments on this major improvement: “Today, any application security program would be incomplete and inherently flawed if implemented without considering a wide spectrum of risks stemming from Dark Web exposure, leaks on public code repositories, exposed network services or unprotected public cloud. We are excited to offer continuous product improvement, consistent with the emerging risks and threats.

ImmuniWeb remains an application security company, focused on building highly competitive, scalable and agile technologies. We accelerate and augment our award-winning product portfolio with incremental implementation of Deep Learning technologies that make our price/quality ratio unbeatable. Many new cool features are coming soon, please stay tuned.

The new functionalities will become fully available to all existing customers of ImmuniWeb® Discovery starting from Monday, April 19 at no additional cost.

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