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ImmuniWeb to Offer a Free Online Test to Illuminate Your Dark Web Exposure

May 20, 2020

ImmuniWeb Community edition, processing over 50,000 free daily web security tests, now offers a comprehensive snapshot of Dark Web exposure for organizations and enterprises of all sizes.

ImmuniWeb to Offer a Free Online Test to Illuminate Your Dark Web Exposure

This new unique feature is seamlessly integrated into ImmuniWeb’s Domain Security Test, which now offers the following best-of-breed detection capabilities including:

  • Dark Web Exposure Monitoring
  • Phishing Campaigns Monitoring
  • Domain Squatting Monitoring
  • Trademark Infringement Monitoring
  • Fake Social Networks Accounts Monitoring

To run a comprehensive test to discover a Dark Web exposure and incidents, a user simply enters the main website URL of his or her company and waits a few minutes to see the results:

Twitter Dark Web Exposure

The novel feature enables enterprises, governments and organizations of all sizes to rapidly illuminate and assess their current exposure ImmuniWeb's monitoring of the Dark Web includes mushrooming hacking forums and underground marketplaces, dedicated IRC channels and Telegram chats, paste-websites and many other locations in Deep, Dark and Surface Web reputable to offer, trade or advertise stolen data. Most frequently, the data includes stolen login credentials from breached websites, servers and SaaS platforms, and other types of data leaks (e.g. stolen databases, source code or documents) affecting your organization.

ImmuniWeb continuously monitors and crawls Dark Web for stolen login credentials, data breaches, intrusions and other types of security incidents. The company’s award-winning Deep Learning AI technology analyses and ranks huge volumes of information from across the web, filtering and discarding the growing volume of fake, duplicate or irrelevant data, extracting critical insights and providing users with actionable data deserving their attention.

As a matter of quantitative comparison, ImmuniWeb now has a visibility across more than 30 billion login credentials and data leaks exposed on the Dark Web, convincingly outpacing many other vendors from the sector.

To prevent cybercriminals from using the new free service for unlawful purposes, no logins or passwords are displayed, instead an overall quantity, risk score and classification of data are provided. Organizations looking to deep dive into the gloomy realm of cybercrime may leverage ImmuniWeb’s award-winning ImmuniWeb Discovery for most inclusive Attack Surface Management solution. Upon user identity verification, all incidents are disclosed with ample details.

The free ImmuniWeb Community Edition also offers the following web security capacities:

  • Website Security Test – to verify that commercial or Open Source Software on your website is up2date and secure, and to check compliance with GDPR and PCI DSS requirements. It tests 200+ CMS and 150,000+ plugins for over 12,000 security vulnerabilities.
  • Mobile App Security Test – to detect security vulnerabilities, encryption and privacy issues in your mobile apps, their external components and backend (e.g. APIs). It provides full OWASP Mobile Top 10 coverage.
  • SSL/TLS Security Test – to ensure that your web and email servers are properly encrypting their SSL/TLS encrypted traffic, and duly comply with the relevant requirements of PCI DSS, NIST and HIPAA.

Ilia Kolochenko, CEO & Founder of ImmuniWeb, says: “Organizations of all sizes are incrementally exposed to perilous cyber threats stemming from the silent proliferation of their data on the Dark Web. A perfectly secure web application, for instance, may swiftly fall victim to cybercriminals who find a valid pair of login credentials from an employee, thereby opening the door to an organization’s Crown Jewels. Worse, a steadily growing multitude of suppliers and vendors have a privileged, and frequently uncontrolled, access to business-critical systems and a countless number of other applications. When a trusted third-party is compromised, it is virtually impossible to quickly detect and thus mitigate the incident. Further spread of outsourcing and a shift towards cloud and SaaS-based solutions gradually exacerbates the risk.

At ImmuniWeb, we are truly proud of our Community Edition and the sustainable value it brings to the cybersecurity industry, individuals and SMEs. We are thrilled to see a steady growth from 10,000 daily tests last year to over 50,000 tests today, sometimes attaining the 100,000 daily tests mark. The new feature is an invaluable enhancement of a holistic cyber resilience and proactive defense amid an unprecedented complexity of the modern threat landscape. We appreciate continuous feedback from our growing audience that helps making our offering even better and more inclusive. More exciting announcements are coming soon, please stay tuned.

ImmuniWeb also relentlessly pursues continuous improvement of its AI-enabled Automated Penetration Testing that is now enhanced with Dark Web and Public Code Repositories reconnaissance to augment and intensify the penetration testing process, providing the unbeatable value for money on the global Application Penetration Testing market.

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