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High-Tech Bridge successfully renews corporate ISO 27001 certification
May 23, 2014

High-Tech Bridge is pleased to inform all our customers and partners that our corporate ISO 27001 certification is successfully renewed after regular internal audit by SGS and is now valid until 2017.

High-Tech Bridge launches ImmuniWeb® world-wide
May 15, 2014

After a year of intensive private Beta testing, High-Tech Bridge announces the general availability of ImmuniWeb® - its innovative web application and website security testing SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) that enables anyone, regardless of company size, geographical location or technical knowledge, to hire professional ethical hackers online for just $990.

ImmuniWeb® hybrid on-demand web application security assessment is now in open Beta
March 12, 2014

ImmuniWeb®, our innovative web application security assessment that combines manual penetration testing with cutting-edge vulnerability scanning into a single, comprehensive and highly-efficient SaaS solution, is now available in open Beta!

300,000 compromised accounts available on Pastebin: just the tip of cybercrime iceberg
February 18, 2014

Security incidents, such as the recent Target breach that affected 70 million customers, attract a lot of media attention and unfairly outshine other less “noisy” hacks. We conducted an experiment analyzing website that may indicate how big the hacking industry is today.

High-Tech Bridge Research: Web Application Security Trends in 2013
January 31, 2014

2013: 62 security advisories, 126 vulnerabilities in medium-sized and large web applications discovered. Trends and statistics by High-Tech Bridge Security Research Lab.

How secure is the World Economic Forum (WEF) web infrastructure?
January 21, 2014

Last week we discovered several security vulnerabilities on website of World Economic Forum (WEF) that is holding its annual meeting in Davos (Switzerland) these days. Our attempts to get in touch with WEF security team remained without answer.

Cyber squatters and phishers are winning the battle against antivirus companies
December 11, 2013

Phishing and Typosquatting are growing at an alarming rate. To understand the issue in detail High-Tech Bridge conducted research into how cyber-fraudsters are abusing domain names that are similar to the legitimate domains of most popular antiviruses.

How efficiently do the Top-100 largest e-commerce websites protect customers’ privacy?
December 3, 2013

E-commerce is booming, and as the holiday season is underway, High-Tech Bridge has undertaken a small experiment to check how SSL certificates are implemented at the Top 100 largest e-commerce websites.

ITU and High-Tech Bridge join efforts to secure government websites
November 19, 2013

High-Tech Bridge and UN agency, the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), announced the use of ImmuniWeb® as part of the toolset to ensure that the websites of ITU’s Member States are secure. The official announcement will take place at ITU Telecom World 2013 in Bangkok.

Hacking Banking Websites: Myth or Reality?
November 12, 2013

To understand the scale of the issue, we decided to perform some simple research to find out how many financial institution websites had actually been compromised. Of course, many security incidents passed unnoticed or were covered up by the victims, therefore we used only public and open sources of information to collect our statistics.

What’s your email security worth? 12 dollars and 50 cents according to Yahoo
September 30, 2013

At High-Tech Bridge we decided to run a small experiment with Yahoo, a company that follows industry best-practices and encourages security researchers to report vulnerabilities they discover. Four XSS vulnerabilities affecting Yahoo website were discovered during the experiment.

Social networks: can robots violate user privacy?
August 27, 2013

Recent news in the international media has revealed numerous Internet privacy concerns that definitely deserve attention and further investigation. We decided to conduct a simple technical experiment to verify how the 50 largest social networks, web services and free emails systems respect – or indeed abuse - the privacy of their users.

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