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New Features of Community Edition Mobile Scanner

July 9, 2020

ImmuniWeb adds a set of in-depth security and privacy tests to its Mobile App Security Scanner offered for free as a part of ImmuniWeb® Community Edition.

Mobile banking malware jumped 50% in 2019, while 27% of all global businesses were affected by threats involving mobile devices, according to Check Point 2020 Research. ImmuniWeb’s research on the application security of the global financial institutions likewise found that 92% of mobile banking applications contained at least 1 medium-risk security vulnerability.

ImmuniWeb® Community Edition offers agile web and mobile application security testing, Dark Web exposure monitoring and phishing detection to the international cybersecurity community for free. With over 50,000 daily tests, it gradually improves global cybersecurity awareness and enables organizations to ensure a foundational level of security, compliance and privacy at no cost.

Following smart incoming requests and suggestions from mobile application developers, cybersecurity professionals and mobile privacy advocates, we are happy to announce the following set of new testing features and improvements for Mobile App Security Test offered for free as a part of Community Edition:

  • Improved speed of the scanning and report delivery
  • Boosted apps’ geo accessibility from Google Play market
  • Minimized number of false positives during DAST testing
  • Implemented testing for application Transport Security Policy
  • Implemented testing for Custom & Deprecated URL Schemes
  • Implemented testing for state of security features in iOS apps
  • Implemented testing for insecure Webview usage

In the meanwhile, our flagship ImmuniWeb® MobileSuite penetration testing offering for mobile apps and related server-side infrastructure (e.g. APIs or Web Services used by the mobile app) now offers unlimited patch verifications after a mobile penetration test.

MobileSuite leverages our award-wining AI and Machine Learning technology to accelerate and intensify manual penetration testing, provides a full coverage of SANS Top 25 and OWASP Mobile Top 10 enhanced with a contractual zero false-positive guarantee.

We are grateful to our all customers, partners and users of our Community Edition for inspiring us and adrenalizing continuous improvement and relentless innovation of our technology.

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